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Annika + Pat | Milwaukee Wedding | Villa Terrace

Back in June I was lucky to photograph a wedding at Villa Terrace in Milwaukee. Not only was I lucky  because of that, but it was a wedding of an old high school friend of mine.

Pat and I had gone to MSL ( Milwaukee School of Languages) together from pretty much 6th grade to Senior year. Played football, basketball, and I believe volley ball together. His fiancé; Annika,  had contacted me via my website last year. When I found out it was Pat’s fiancé I was excited, not only would I be photographing his wedding at an amazing location. I would also be seeing tons of high school friends I haven’t seen in years!

Ok, so for those of you that are not familar with Villa Terrace. It is… well… Amazing. A great structure that is parked on a fantastic hill overlooking Milwaukee’s Lakefront. It is modeled after an old Italian villa (as I am sure you could figure out from the name). It is utterly beautifu, I would have to vote it as one of the best places in Milwaukee  to have a wedding ceremony.   It just screams elegance and class (Very fitting for the Bride and Groom to be). If you are so inclined, check out their website here

As the bride and groom arrived the weather started to clear, the grey gloomy clouds exchanged for white fluffy clouds and 80 degree temperatures. After an amazing cerimony with friends and family it was off to Histortic Turners Hall for the reception. Great place for a reception, great food, great drinks…

Enough typing already!  Here are some photos! Enjoy!

Liz + Jared | Milwaukee Couples Session

A few weeks back I had the greatest of pleasures to photograph Liz & Jared. This session was a while in the works. Liz had contacted me via Facebook back in January or Febuary (I’m getting old and can’t remember) while she was stationed over seas in the army.

We had finally got together on a Friday night and wondered around a bit near my studio in the 5th ward, a bit in the 3rd ward, and down at Atwater park. We had some fantastic weather and not to mention some amazing light.

So I present to you; Liz, Jared, and Chester (The wonderful yellow lab)


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Angel & Selena l Milwaukee

Well hello everyone…

I have some photos I totally never put up from a few months back.

I had the pleasure of photographing Jason & and Trina’s amazing little girls Angel and Selena. These do were just adorable. I mean who doesn’t enjoy two out going kids who are on a “Hanna Montana” Photo shoot?

These where shot down by Brandford beach on Milwaukees lake front. It was a fabulous Sunday afternoon/evening.


If you enjoy them, please by all means feel free to leave a comment:)


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angela hubbard - August 4, 2010 - 9:37 pm

lovely :)

Milwaukee Weather

So the Weather here in Milwaukee has been a tad on the crazy side the past few days, particularity last night.  It dropped about 8 inches of rain on the area in just a few hours. That is way to large of an amount for the sewer system to handle. This caused many, many issues in the area.  Flooding, car accident, etc.   It even caused a few sink holes around town. One of them even made national news for swallowing a Cadillac Escalade whole.

This morning I was talking to a friend of mine ( John Schulze) and convinced him to come with me to check out that large sink hole. On the way to picking him up I heard on the radio that there was another one that had formed overnight and had practically swallowed two houses. We stopped by. I shot some video. This is what I go.


Bob K. - July 29, 2010 - 11:55 pm

I stitched a couple panoramic shots of the North and Oakland sinkhole together. That and check out some overflowing sewer action.

Gilden – Milwaukee Style

A  few months back a friend of mine, Patrick. Introduced me to a  youtube video of Street Photographer Bruce Gilden. After watching the video many times, I totally fell in love with the style. I had always liked street photography and the emotion that it captures. But street photography in general is normally wide angle and a large scene. Bruce’s style is all up in your face! Like BOOM! And thats what I loved about.

Check out the video:

One night on the way home from work I decided I wanted to give it a legitimate try and see if I could pull off any similar results. There were a few things that posed problems; It was about 9:30pm (Gilden shoots his work during the day), Gilden shoots on the busy streets on New York (A busy day/night in Milwaukee is slower than the slowest day/night in NYC), I possibly run into the issue of someone taking an issue with me photographing them and no telling where that would go, I had no one to go with.

I wound up texting a few people and Matt showed some interest in coming with. I picked him up and we headed downtown, Remembering it was one of the first nights of SummerFest and that we should have a fair amount of subjects. My weapon of choice this night was my D700, Small 35-70mm lens, SB900 Flash, and some Pocket Wizards.

We hit the streets for a bit, at first I was a tad reserved getting into someone face and blasting off a shot (Not knowing how they would react to it). I quickly lost the reservation and went to town!

Here are some of the results.


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