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Kelly & Mike

Today I had the pleasure of helping out a photog friend of mine, Erik.

We got to photograph the wonder couple of Kelly and Mike Phelps. I know what your thinking.. No not the Olympic swimmer..

It started off as a horrible day.. 95 degrees, Raining ( The ceromony was on a boat!), and about 98 percent humidity! NOT COOL! … No pun intended.

Erik and I shot over to the hotel and grab a few awesome prep shots. Caught the groom and his guys over at Sobelmens grabbing one last bite to eat and a beer. As we left the sky opened up, Full sun, No more rain and we were ready to go!

Great ceromony on the boat in front of the Milwaukee Art Museum, Then over to “Hot Water” a nice little night club down on Water st to dance the night away! The music wasn’t to shabby either.. The Eddie Butts Band rocked it!



Make a wish – For Tattoos?

A few days back I got a call from a friend, Byan asking if I would like to shoot a charity event over at Milwaukee Harley Davidson. I thought why the heck not, Its for charity, I love to shoot, and its like 5 minutes from where I live.. and I didnt have to head into the day job until 3pm. All signs pointed to yes!

The make a wish foundation was rasing money to make a few young kids dreams come true and I was glad to be apart of it.

They had the best tattoo/story behind it contest. It was awesome to see how many people have body art that means and as much a part of them as the ink on their skin.
They also a custom bike show and a bunch of other awesome fund rasing events..

Here are some photos… Enjoy!

Milwaukee Harley Davidson

Milwaukee Harley Davidson

Chaz and Bryan

Milwaukee Harley Davidson

Dane - Milwaukee Harley Davidson Tattoo Comp

Almost makes you want to go buy a bike huh? Thought so! Go do it!


Bored? Lets shoot!

So what do you do when your bored, it’s nice out, your waiting for your dog to finish at the groomer, and you have an apartment building with some awesome kids? You pull out the camera, lights, and shoot!

Today I worked with two awesome little people… Frankie and Chombray. (acording to Chombray they are boyfriend and girlfriend). It was a wonderfully warm day and perfect for a backyard photo session!

Frankie is 3 and Chombray is 4, they are so cute and innocent. Frankie runs around the yard while Chombray poses for the camera and giggles at the sight of herself in the LCD of the camera. The excitment brings frankie over yelling about having his picture taken ( or at least that’s what I thought he was saying). So we snapped a few of this little man with attitude! And a few together with his slightly older lady friend.

Check out the flickr site for some of the pics flickr photostream

Let me know what you think!


BIG DADDY - July 26, 2009 - 6:36 am

Those are some good pictures that you have on there.

New lens… Two shoots.. Check it out!

Yesterday I had the pleasure of shooting twice with Alvin( alvins flickr photostream)

To start the morning off we shot with Monica G again, then went off to shoot with Vana Smith.

Vana was great! Fun to work with and just a great personality… Check out some her shots on my flickr site flickr photostream
Later I will post her MM number so you can contact her if you would like to work with her… Dang iPhone!

Ohhhh and the new lens is amazing!

Two shoots tomorrow…

Tomorrow we have two shoots setup!

One with Monica, She was fun to shoot with the first time at [Three] lounge. This shoot should be fun as we are trying an “Urban funk” Theme! Watch out Milwaukee here we come!

The other with Vana. This will be the first time working with her.

The new lens will get a nice work out on its first day of active duty. I hope I dont fall in love with it to much and not show love to the 70-200 2.8f! I guess only time will tell.

Make sure to check back for some of the images



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