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Milwaukee at night

So today was just an amazingly nice day in the Milwaukee area. About 60 degrees, little to no wind most of the day, no rain or snow, and not to mention lots o sun! It was one of those days where you just wish you could be outside doing something, anything really. This feeling was only magnified by being in a building looking out at the awesomeness that awaiting outside. The only problem I had was that I work until 8pm. Hmm Hmmmmm Hmm, what to do? Why not go out on a late night photo stroll? Sounds good to me.   After a facebook post and some responses later, I got together with Matt, and Patrick.

We met up down in the Thirdward of Milwaukee across from the Wicked Hop. Tonight I was going to try my hand at a bit of “Street” photography. But due to the lack of people out on a wonderful evening like such, my main subjects became Taxi’s, Patrick, and buildings.  Our wonderings took us throw most of the Thirdward, down Water st as far as Lackey and Joys if I remember correctly. Even making a stop at the “Safe house” to show Patrick its pure awesomeness.

Here are some photos.











Sooooo how do you know that you live in Wisconsin? Well let me tell you.  One day it is 60 degrees and sunny. The next it is 30 degrees, sunny, and has wind gusts of 30 -40 mph.

It just happened that I stepped out with Alvin, Dave G, and Kyla on the day that it was 30 degrees and insanely windy. Figures right?

This was the first time I was shooting with Kyla. Alvin and Dave had shot with her a few times before. She was looking to have some head shots done by request of a local agency.

Here are a few shots that I took. And when I say a few I mean about 50 percent of them!





LSA Tournament of Champions

I am a tad bit late posting these. But better late than never.

This was the second year I that I helped photograph the LSA Tournament of Champions at Concordia University. It is just amazing to see the time and effort that the kids put into preparing for this tournament. It is also amazing to see the skill level the kids are at. Just amazing..

Here are some shots that I liked the most. I chose these out of 1800 or so shots from two long days of games.


Sunrise….. At North Point

So up until a few years back I was never really a morning person by any means. I mean 10am was early for me. That all changed once I got my little puppy about 2 and a half years ago.  After about 2 and a half years of being woken up at 7am on the dot every morning I find it a bit easier to do the early morning thing.

At work a few days back I was talking with a Co worker about photographing the sunrise. After a few joking remarks by both of us we decided that we would.

5am the alarm goes off , up and at ‘em Rob.

Here is the end result:)

Love it

North Point - Milwaukee Wisconsin

Feel free to click the photo and check it out a bit larger on flickr.

Bob K. - April 8, 2010 - 9:43 pm

Great picture. I wish any of mine had turned out as nicely.

Melyssa Gonzalez & Niki Marie

Soo I have told myself I will be blogging more often and this is an attempt the keep this alive! Second post today and a possible third and forth coming! Whoa watch out!

A few days back I headed out with a few local photog buddies I know, Patrick Trautfield, John Shulze, Alvin Arzaga, and Dave Gruentzel. We had set up shoots with two different models. Niki who we had worked with many times and is more awesome than you may ever know, or you might know. But who am I to say? The other was Melyssa, I had never worked with her before but Dave and Alvin had.

Here are a few photos from both shoots. I have been working more on my basic natural light portraits. I can I am becoming please with the results. Also I have been shooting them at 1.2f which can be a challange if you have ever used a lens like so.

Anywho, Enjoy!

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