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Las Vegas iPhone 4 style | Rob Gustafson Photography




A week or so prior to leaving for Las Vegas to attend WPPI I received my long awaited Verizon iPhone 4 (Insert Gasp, and surprised sounds). I had been one of the lucky ones to get in my preorder the night that they had opened up the flood gates at 2am, and I was pretty darn stoked. I have had an iPhone prior to this beauty but had not had one since switching my wonderful service over to Verizon about a year prior.

As an early adopter to the iPhone ( got one the very day they came out) I didn’t have the luxury of the app store and a decent camera. Fast forward to 2011 and 6 phones later I have fallen in love with my iPhone and the Hipstmatic camera app all over again. I know, I know. I can hear you saying “The hipstamatic app has been out for ever now”. Yeah well that might be the case for you but leave me in my glory! For those of you that might not be familiar with the Hipstamatic camera app, it is a camera app that produces images that mimic old vintage cameras from years past. Fun stuff really.

I got to Las Vegas a day or so early so I had a bit of free time on my hands before WPPI started, So I found myself wandering the strip checking things out and seeing what had changed from last year. In my random wandering I decided that the strip would be an awesome location to shoot a little street photography. I mean heck, I was in Vegas, on the strip, and someone taking photos of other people where the least of most folks concerns, so why not?

While I was on my stroll of walking the entire strip from the MGM area to the Stratosphere (Approx 14.5 miles around trip) I happened upon some awesome photo ops. Celine Dion on the red carpet at Caesar’s Palace where I wound up about 10 feet from here, to marriages happening on the strip, to a man losing his way in Vegas so bad that he had to jump in a fountain and snatch up coins from it to fill his pockets.

So here are some of those photos, enjoy!

You might even see some of Simon and Jake from over at Valo.

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