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Gilden – Milwaukee Style

A  few months back a friend of mine, Patrick. Introduced me to a  youtube video of Street Photographer Bruce Gilden. After watching the video many times, I totally fell in love with the style. I had always liked street photography and the emotion that it captures. But street photography in general is normally wide angle and a large scene. Bruce’s style is all up in your face! Like BOOM! And thats what I loved about.

Check out the video:

One night on the way home from work I decided I wanted to give it a legitimate try and see if I could pull off any similar results. There were a few things that posed problems; It was about 9:30pm (Gilden shoots his work during the day), Gilden shoots on the busy streets on New York (A busy day/night in Milwaukee is slower than the slowest day/night in NYC), I possibly run into the issue of someone taking an issue with me photographing them and no telling where that would go, I had no one to go with.

I wound up texting a few people and Matt showed some interest in coming with. I picked him up and we headed downtown, Remembering it was one of the first nights of SummerFest and that we should have a fair amount of subjects. My weapon of choice this night was my D700, Small 35-70mm lens, SB900 Flash, and some Pocket Wizards.

We hit the streets for a bit, at first I was a tad reserved getting into someone face and blasting off a shot (Not knowing how they would react to it). I quickly lost the reservation and went to town!

Here are some of the results.


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