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Help Portrait Milwaukee 2009

I thought I would take a blog post and use it for a little different of a cause this time around..

I want to take a moment and promote and little project that I have been working on with a few other AWESOME photogs. Matt, Erik, Leon, and myself have been working on putting together a local event on the premise and ideals of

“What the heck is it?” you make ask. Well its fairly simple and can do a WHOLE lot of good. Its as easy as 1) Take someones photo 2) Print the photo 3) Give them the photo . Easy enough right?

I know what your thinking, “Who are you taking photos of?” and “Whats so special about a photo?” … Well let me explain.. We are taking photos of the less fortunate.. By this I mean someone who might not have access to a quality photograph. Some one that might be in need, Some one who might be homeless, Someone who may be in a shelter for some reason or another, or simply someone who has fallen on hard times. thats who.

So whats so special about a photo? Well think of it this way.. Why do you own a camera? …. To capture a memory.. a moment.. Good or Bad..  We are focusing on the good.  We want the folks that we are photographing to feel good about themselves everytime they look at the photo that we have given to them.. To feel good when times are hard… and to remember that there is always a bit of good out there. Also to show them the beauty that is with in.

After reading this does this change your mind about “Just a picture?”  It did for me.

Read this little post here and see how much that “Picture” can change someones life

Matt, Erik, Leon, and Myself have done a bit of leg work to make this a success. We have a studio that have been donated by Josh London. The studio is in the River West area of Milwaukee and is very close to the downtown area.  We have also been able to secure so local sponsors as well to help offset the cost of this awesome cause and we are still looking for anyone else who may be interested in helping one way or another. After the sponsors are all confirmed I will definitely post the names of the places and give them due credit for helping this become a reality.

A few nights after we all talked about this and how much awesomeness it is going to be, I created a website called to help keep everyone informed on the status of the event.  Please check it every so often for updates. I will try to updated every day or so. Please visit and leave some comments to show your support.

During an Organizational meeting about a week ago at a local Starbucks, There was mention of making this official and becoming a 501c Non-profit.  I would just like to update everyone and announce that we are in talks with the Director of Buckworks ( James Carlson, and they would like to become a fiscal sponsor , and have us operate under them as an official non profit organization. This would allow us to receive charitable donations and allow them to be taken as a tax write off. This will also allow us to have a place to have monthly meetings, hold events, and a whole lot more. Keep an eye out on the site for more updates.

If you think this sounds like a lot of stuff that has happened, your right. This has all transpired in under 2 weeks and we are almost fully organized. Amazing help from all has been the key.

If you think you may know someone that might want to help with the event or would even benefit from it, Please feel free to email me at

Thanks you for taking the time to read this and we wish you all the best


DAD - November 27, 2009 - 5:42 pm

What can i do, other than stay away.

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