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Katie + Joe | Milwaukee Engagement Session



A few months back I had the pleasure of making some photographic art with two pretty awesome people :).

Joe is my cousin which makes him pretty awesome. Katie is marrying Joe, which makes her pretty awesome.  With their powers combined they are even more awesome.  Kind of like Captain planet!

Take a few minutes to enjoy two awesome people in some awesome photos and I promise to stop using the word Awesome for the test of this blog post!









Barack Obama | Milwaukee,WI | 11.3.2012

I had an awesome opportunity today to photograph the President of the United States ( These kind of things do not come along every day)

Regardless of your political affiliation, It is something everyone should experience at at least once. Being in the same place as the leader of our free country. It just seems to instill a sense of pride to everyone in the room even if you do not fully agree with ones stance on politics.

If you know me, you know I am not one to discuss politics. I do however, follow them closely and make a decision I feel is best. I have the utmost respect for any one else who takes the time to understand what is going on and makes a choice based on what they feel is best. So please leave the snide and rude comments at home if you do feel the need to comment.

With only 3 days until the election Wisconsin has become a crazy battle ground state…. lets see how this plays out



Emily + Nic | Retzer Nature Center Engagement Session


So you know the old saying ” Good things come to those who wait?”.. Even though I hate waiting I do have to agree.

This session with the wonder Emily and Nic was rescheduled about 30,000 times in the course of a week and a half.. Impossible you say?  You haven’t seen our texting skills them!

October weather in Wisconsin can be awesome and then not so awesome with in a matter of minutes,  but I am super pumped we got this done on an awesome day! Although a little chilly, the sun popped out and graced us with all of its glory!


Meredith + Tom | Cancun Portrait Session



So a few months ago I had an amazing opportunity to photograph an amazing couple in an amazing place. Enough said……


Well not enough can be said about this.. I had the pleasure of joining Meredith and Tom in Cancun, Mexico  to capture their awesome wedding.

The day before their wedding was a very special day for these two. A day they hold dear to their hearts, it was a year to the day that Tom asked Meredith to join him for the rest of their lives in marriage on a very similar beach just north of where we were.

We planned a wonderful morning photo shoot to capture some awesome images and that we did.

Enjoy! And keep an eye out for their wedding blog!



Jamie + Toto | Milwaukee Laotian Ceremony



So about 2 months ago I asked by the amazing Jake Rohde of if I would be interested in assisting him with a wedding, and I gladly said yes.  Little did I know what awesomeness ( Sorry Jake) that would was about to experience.

Jamie and Toto were getting married. Sounds normal right? Well the part that gets better is that this would be a two day event. Also sounds semi normal right? Welllllllll, the first day was to be a traditional laotian ceremony! When I was informed that I would be photographing this I may have giggled like a school girl for a few moments.

I love photographing things out of the norm. I mean weddings are awesome and I LOVE shooting them. But most tend be relatively similar.  Ceremony at a church, check.  Photos out around the city, check. Reception hall and dance photos, check.  This day I could check none of those off, and it was awesome.

When I arrived at Jamie and Toto’s house ( A mere few blocks from the home I spent a better part of my life) I was greeted with two city blocks worth of parked cars. I know exactly why they were all there.  As I walked up to the door I greeted and met with “You must be the camera guy, good! Get up here soon, you don’t want to miss this”. I was taken to a room upstairs where Toto was being adorned in traditional Laotian ceremony dress. I was able to witness pants being made from one large piece of fabric. Then I was taken to the room with Jamie to see her adorned in similar clothing. It was absolutely awesome!

I had very little time to photograph both of them before the parade began. That’s right, a parade.  I had come to find out very quickly what the Laotian ceremony was all about.

The groom was to parade down the street with his family and friends. They are then to arrive at the door of the brides house. This is where the parents would begin to bargin with each other with such items as food, money, alcohol, and other gifts.  This was a very intense few moments, with loud yelling and rejections of offers. Once compromise was met, bring on the ceremony.

Myself and approx 100 crammed into the living room of their house. At this point the ceremony began, a blessing by an officiant, and a traditional ceremony where white string was given to all guests and asked to be placed around the bride and grooms wrists in a sign of approval.  It was hot, sweaty, and awesome to experience!



Nick - June 21, 2012 - 7:35 am

nice work Rob, I love the pre-game Johnnie Walker shots ha!

Heather - June 21, 2012 - 9:19 am

LOVE all the color!

Leah Muse - June 21, 2012 - 9:41 am

All of the color is SO awesome! What a lovely day!

bryan - June 21, 2012 - 12:29 pm

awesome story telling.

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